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Esquire "Rahsaan Roland Kirk is the blind jazz great you've never heard of."
MusicFilmWeb "It’s a remarkable story that’s relatively little known outside the jazz pantheon – one of several facets of the musician’s life and legacy that put the bite into Kahan. Bursting with musical and visual energy – the animations are a treat ..."
JazzTimes "The image of Kirk that emerges is of an artist who fiercely asserted both his creativity and his personhood while pushing against two characteristics society would use to diminish him in any way it could. "
Uncut "Beautifully made film of a fearless American original."
Huffington Post "Director Adam Kahan has created a vibrant and passionate film illuminating the many facets of his extraordinary subject. The film is filled with live concert footage that features Kirk’s trademark playing of three saxophones simultaneously. There is luscious archival footage from the 1960s and 1970s and interviews with Kirk’s closest collaborators. But perhaps the most powerful element of this film is the intimacy that Kahan creates by allowing us to glimpse Super 8 home movie footage given to him by Rahsaan’s wife, Dorthaan."
The Stranger "...elements emerge with the same impressionistic spontaneity that Kirk applied to his music-making. The transitions are surprising but never jarring. Kahan captures the iconoclastic multi-instrumentalist's freewheeling spirit through his loose-limbed directorial style—and by letting Kirk's music (a fiery, inventive confluence of hard bop, blues, free jazz, and R&B played on multiple reeds simultaneously) do much of the heavy lifting."
The Free Jazz Collective "Kahan's film captures Kirk's character, determination, and pure musicianship through thoughtful stitching of interviews, existing footage, dramatizations and animations. It's a powerful story: a musician who did everything that he could to bring passion, politics, and feeling to the world through his music against surmounting odds."

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